You woke up at 8, trying to get up early and make up for the time you wasted yesterday. You jump right into your work but kick yourself when you realize that you just spent yet another 3 hours you couldn’t afford on Facebook and reading random blogs on the internet.

By 9 pm you call it quits, realizing with dismay that you barely got anything done – yet again. Back to another long day of struggling to focus tomorrow…

You can’t remember the last time you actually took time for yourself and felt good about it or actually went on a spa date with your friends. Meanwhile, you spend every day feeling busy, exhausted, overwhelmed, and completely unproductive.

This 3-month 1:1 productivity overhaul will help you get out of your own way and get shit done so you can have more time, more money, and more freedom – with a personalized system of habits, rituals, and routines that respect your needs, priorities, big goals, and natural rhythms.


I want you to put your genius out into the world and create what is dying to be created, write what needs to be read, and speak what needs to be heard – and do it without overwhelming yourself to exhaustion and burnout.

Instead of struggling with overstructured schedules that just make you feel like a human robot, we will create a flexible system of good habits that will fit right into your busy life, be near-effortless to set up and maintain, save you hours every day and allow you to feel better, work better, and make more money than you’ve ever made before.


What your new life will look like:
  • You power through your work with peak creativity and focus, and surprise yourself with the quality of what you produce every day
  • You look at the finished book with your name on it and think back on all the money it has made you and opportunities it has brought you – and realize you got it done in half the time that you thought it would
  • You create three amazing blog posts in five hours – and wonder where the time went, because you had so much fun
  • On Thursday you realize you finished all of the work you had planned for the week, and then some – so you decide to take a guilt-free trip to the beach on Friday for a relaxing self-imposed long weekend!
  • You schedule near-daily coffee and spa dates with friends that you actually keep without worrying about all the work you still need to finish


My clients go from spending 60 hours a week working unproductively and barely getting anything done to working for 30 joyfully creative and focused hours and getting twice as much done.

That leaves you with 4-5 hours a day that you can spend on creating new courses (hello moolah), getting new clients (more moolah!), or taking yoga classes, going shopping (with all the new moolah you’ll have), and having fun with your friends and family (sweet freedom!)


Caitlin AriahI came to Laura when I was just about ready to give up on my book and my business. I was spending over 60 hours a week trying to get both off the ground, but spinning my wheels getting nowhere. After the first session with her my whole life and business did a complete turnaround in a matter of days. Within a week, I had written 32 more pages for my book!

Caitlin Ariah, the Holistic Heroine

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Only 3 2 spots left in December!
This is for you if:
  • You’re tired of feeling so darn busy but wondering at the end of the day where the hell all of the time went
  • You spend hours creating a piece of content only for it to come out like you rolled your head on the keyboard and called it a day (because the overwhelm is shutting down your creativity and you’re not working at your peak creative times)
  • You never feel like you have any time for yourself and your hobbies (and whatever time you do take for yourself is usually laced with guilt and worries)
  • You wake up in the middle of the night worrying about the constant to do list rolling around in your head
  • You can’t stick to schedules you impose on yourself (authority issues – even when you are the authority!)
  • You procrastinate and easily get distracted from what you’re doing
  • You have a lot of great ideas you’d like to turn into reality but you can’t find the time to do them


This is NOT for you if:
  • you are very organized, plan your time perfectly and don’t have any trouble following through with an organized schedule
  • you rarely procrastinate or get distracted
  • you are a master of productivity (what the heck are you doing on this page?)
  • you have a great work-life balance and don’t feel stressed out or overwhelmed
  • you focus like a bulldozer and crush every task that comes your way
  • you already have all of the freedom, money, and peace of mind you could wish for (buy me dinner at the melting pot?)


You could spend years waking up at night worried about all of the shit on your plate, barely finishing the projects you start, and spending more time on Facebook than with the people you are meant to help…

… or you could spend a few months putting in place the habits, routines, and rituals that you need in order to function optimally and save several hours a day. Then you could use that time (and the clarity that comes with not being crazy overwhelmed and exhausted) to make a lot more money, have loads more fun, and sleep like a baby!


Tracy McMickingLaura has the perfect mix of skill, determination and deep caring that create real results. I was impressed with how quickly she helped me get to the core of what was blocking me. I am now able to settle in easily to the tasks that are moving me towards my goals.

Tracy McMicking, Professional Fire Starter at Ignite Your Life

Choose your payment plan:
Only 3 2 spots left in December!

By crafting + adopting a uniquely individualized system of habits, you are saying sayonara to:
  • suffocatingly rigorous schedules (ick!)
  • endless to-do lists (breathe a sigh of relief, go ahead… I’ll wait.)
  • guilt-infused yoga classes (no more “you should be working on your business, you still haven’t finished that ebook!”)
  • overwhelm + burnout (say it with me, 1-2-3… blissssssss)
  • busy procrastination (you won’t be missed)


Step by steppity step:
  • You click the big beautiful red (pink?) button and pay via PayPal
  • Once you pay you will be taken to a page where you can fill out a form to help me learn more about you
  • Within the next day or two, you will receive an e-mail from me with some times to choose from and your first homework assignment and worksheet (yes, you get homework before we even start!)
  • We hop on the phone and dig right in!
  • I send you a personalized worksheet for you to work through in between each call
  • We meet for a total of 8 60-minute sessions: weekly for the first month and every other week for two more months.
  • You have unlimited e-mail support throughout the 3 months we’re working together


Choose your payment plan:
Only 3 2 spots left in December!


vikaBefore I started working with Laura I was struggling with my time management, plus a severe lack of self-motivation to work through everything I had on my plate. As we worked together I started taking charge of my motivation and learned to balance all that life was throwing my way. Working with her gave me a completely different outlook on my daily life!

– Viktoriya Tverskaya

raquelLaura is a great coach and an amazing human being. She made me feel understood and had amazing insights regarding all the issues we talked about. I also have to highlight her kind heart and genuine generosity! I highly recommend Laura’s work!

Raquel Mesquita, Psychotherapist and life coach