Get wildly better results by doing this one thing before you start working

How do you want to feel when you’re working? Inspired? Creative? Charged? On Fire? Insightful? Connected?

How do you really feel when you’re working?

Anxious? Stressed out?

Like you’re not getting enough done? Like you need results ASAP?

Worried that your client will ask you the one thing you won’t be able to answer?

Begging for an insight to help you build a good course that sells?

All of these feelings have their root in stress and fear.

What do you think happens when you sit down to work and the first thing you feel is stress?

That’s the feeling that will accompany you throughout your working time, and it will affect every part of your work.

So, if it’s a habit for you to worry about the money or your productivity or how much time you don’t have when you work, it’s time to change that, because stress affects your brain more than you think.

It puts you in survival mode, which turns off your advanced, creative, insightful, connected-to-your-higher-power brain, and turns on your monkey brain, which only thinks about bananas (= money) and beating your chest with your fists (= desperately fighting for recognition or to not be discovered as a fraud).

You under stress

Your brain under stress

Needless to say, this is not going to help you connect better with your client or put together a better package.

Why is it that your best ideas come to you in the shower, or just after you’ve put your head down on your comfy pillow? Because those are times when you put your stress aside and try to relax. At that point, your mind (which has been functioning in the background, trying to solve your problems for you) finally gets turned on and has the space to jump in and tell you what it wants to tell you. There are no more voices of stress, fear, and doubt that yell louder and cover your voice of creativity.

But we don’t always have the luxury to get up from bed and record our thoughts (at that point, I’m personally too tired to start working on a plan for my business, usually…), neither can we run dripping with water from the shower to start working (although I’ve been known to do that… *cough*).

The solution? Put yourself in a state conducive to creativity, connection, and productivity before you start working.

And continue to re-balance yourself into that state whenever you go into “stress mode” during your working time.

I have one technique in particular that I use for this, and it’s extremely effective. It is a 3-step process.

1. Acknowledge your abundance

AKA, be grateful.

Think of at least 3 things you are grateful for, if possible directly related to work.

For example, you just got a new client, you made some progress yesterday, or even just the fact that your work allows you to help people who need you and make a positive difference in the world.

Don’t half-ass it. Really get into the feeling of gratitude with your entire being.

Research has shown that a positive attitude can greatly improve creativity, so don’t skip this step!

2. Be clear on what you want out of the workday/work session

12-12-13 workIf you go into it without knowing what you want, you don’t know what you’re going to get out of it.

So, when you start, after feeling gratitude for what you have accomplished and for the opportunity to do your business in the first place, think of what you would like to achieve this session. It might be helping a client find their way, or finding insight and creativity, or something else.

Note: It’s important here to not think about the outcome concretely. For instance, don’t think “I want to finish my course” or “I want to help this client get from here to there” or “I want to write 3000 words.” Instead, think in terms of a more abstract outcome, such as “help my client in the way he/she needs it most right now”, or “achieve the insight I need to make the right progress on this book/course”

3. Disconnect from your expectation of the outcome

You don’t know what is best for you. You can often feel when you’re on the right path, but you don’t know exactly whether a certain thing is good or bad.

When coaching a client for her business, you might diverge into a conversation about her relationship with her husband, and provide her with an insight that will clear up a lot of blocks for her – both in her relationship and in her business life – and allow her to be more creative and open in her professional life.

When working on your book, you might not get 3,000 words down that session, but you may instead be drawn towards creating a mind map that helps you see more clearly where you’re going, or you may need to journal for a while in order to deal with your feelings around a certain issue that will then allow you to write 5,000 words around that for your book the next day.

Lesson: Never label what happens to you, and never ask for a specific thing (ask me why I think SMART goals are really STUPID.)

Instead, ask for the guidance to walk on the path you’re meant to walk on. Ask for the feelings and experiences that will help you learn the lessons you’re meant to learn, and don’t be afraid to explore them. Ask for the ideas and insights that allow you to use your highest potential in ways even you didn’t think you could.

When you’re truly doing good work in this world, it’s not you doing it – it’s your creative genius, your soul, an expression of divinity. That’s why you will never get amazing results when you try to stay in control.

It’s only when you let go and allow this powerful energy to create and work through you that you discover what you’re truly capable of.

This entire process only takes me a couple of minutes. I do my business gratitude tour, ask for what I want, and surrender to my higher self.

And, let me tell you… it works!

Are you ready to shine your light brighter than ever before? Give this exercise a try and tell me how it worked for you!

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  1. Laura, wonderful post! Such great advice, clearly written and laid out. Thanks for this today, it’s just what I needed to get calm and ready to make the most of my day. I particularly like the piece about not asking for specific things but asking for guidance to walk the path you are meant to walk. Blessings!

  2. Hi Laura
    Your new look website is looking great.
    I don’t write down the things that I am grateful for. When I wake I always affirm my gratefulness.
    I will start writing things down from tomorrow and am sure that will make a difference.
    ‘Disconnect from the expectation of the outcome’. That is brilliant. We can only take inspired action and the results are not in our hands.
    Warm Regards

    • Thanks, Raj! I don’t write them down either. I think what’s more important is to really feel the gratitude. Also, not just to feel grateful for what you have – but also for what you desire. For instance, before working with a client I always ask to help them in the way they need it. And I also express gratitude for having done so, as if it’s already happened. It just puts me in that state of mind already. But please tell me how that goes for you! I’m curious to know whether writing it down makes a difference or not.

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