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I’ve been on a blogging hiatus. In my last e-mail to my list, I shared:

Every time I wrote a blog post, I was confused about who I was writing to. With every post, I felt pressure to either impress or entertain in order to convince people to share and sign up to my list. Which made it really, really hard to write from an honest place of sharing.

It had gotten to the point where I resented sitting down to write blog posts. It felt like something I “had” to do because there was just no other way to communicate with people and get more brave souls in my tribe. I hated having to do this, because deep down I just knew that my writing wasn’t fully authentic.

Until the day I made up my mind: Enough is enough. This is not who I want to be. Not for the amazing people who give me their precious and valuable time every week. So I decided to make a change… even if it did fly in the face of conventionality (and it does).

I quit blogging. 

The only time I’m happy in my work is when I know I’m being of service… not because I want something out of it, but because I’m just giving to give. So I knew that, in order to deliver my best work, and create from my best mental space, I needed to give up those aspects of my writing that interrupted my authenticity.

My plan was to write a monthly newsletter and that’s it. But the more I thought about it, the less comfortable I felt with it.

3-6-2014 updates

Blogging was cumbersome to me because it had become an inauthentic way of trying to persuade people to share my posts or sign up to my mailing list by “impressing” them with my ideas.

Trying to impress other people in order to gain their admiration or acceptance is something I’ve always done to some extent. I knew that I needed to take a break from blogging in order to work through that.

The e-mails I sent in my fear detox series became a great way for me to learn to communicate with you in a more authentic and direct way. When I wasn’t worried about maintaining the engagement of random people who just happened to stumble on my website, I became free to share my experiences and fulfill my initial intent for starting this website – make a difference in your life.

Even though this would have been an acceptable change, I just couldn’t reconcile the fact that I’m putting out great content but it’s not out there to help more people. Yes, I want to offer premium content to the people on my list – but I also want to show who I am openly to anyone who happens to stumble upon my site.

In the end, that’s also one of the principles of authenticity. You don’t have to be on my mailing list to know me. I’m an open book. But being on it has certain perks. Just like being a close friend does.

Besides, when I’m browsing I hesitate to give my e-mail address to anyone who hasn’t already established a connection with me through their open, honest sharing of stories and advice – and I don’t think I’m the only one.

So I will continue blogging, but I will also send out additional stories, information, and tips to the people who are subscribed to my list, the same way I would share more intimate stories and insights with my close friends. The e-mails will go out weekly(ish), along with the content on the blog.


I was also confused by consistency vs. value. On one hand, “everyone says” you should write at the same time every week so that people know what to expect.

Well, that honestly just doesn’t go well for me. I don’t want to pile any more chores on to my task list (it’s big enough already), and writing something just because I’m supposed to publish something makes me want to throw up a little, to be honest. It just feels fake.

So  I’m making a commitment that I will no longer post anything just to post something and to stay consistent. I’m only going to write if I have something useful to say. I value your time too much to waste it, and I value my own authenticity and freedom too much to forfeit them.

Written, video, or podcast?

I’ve toyed around quite a bit with the options for the blog format. I’ve enjoyed doing videos for you, but they also take quite a bit of time and, no matter how much I’ve learned to be okay watching myself on camera, let’s face it – I still cringe at the cheesiness sometimes. It’s tough putting yourself out there like that – video is a whole new ballgame of truth and authenticity.

This is not to say that I shy away from it – it’s just that it takes practice, make-up (and I hate make-up), the right lighting, me being in the right energy, etc. to do a video. So I’m going to lift the restrictions there and go for 100% authenticity. I will post videos when I feel like I have something to say that I could say better in a video.

YouTube has been awesome, but I want to expand more. I’m so busy nowadays that podcasts have become super useful whenever I’m puttering around, and I’d love to expand in that space. So whenever I put up a video I’m also going to share the audio version into a podcast.

Speaking of podcasts and videos, I’ve used this hiatus to connect with some pretty amazing people who run some great businesses, and I’ve been amazed at how much I’ve learned from them.

I don’t want to be selfish and hog them, so I’ve decided to share them with you!

Look out for some awesome interviews (which will be shared both on YouTube and the podcast) starting next week.

Wait, there’s more?

Yes, sir! My mind has been exploding with new ideas, and I just had to put them out into the world. But these are bigger ideas – frameworks and systems I’ve developed from my 10 years of study and research in the self-help, high performance, and happiness fields.

To start out with, I’m creating a brand new high-value video series. My intention is to give you tools that you can use to help you move forward in your life and business every month to build upon the experience and talent you already have. The first one will be up in just a couple of days. I’m so excited about this!

Since these are some big ideas and frameworks, I’m also hoping to expand on parts of these systems in Kindle books. If you are on my list, you’ll know when they will be available for free. This might take a while to release, but I’m excited to expand into a brand new space with my ideas.

Of course, this post is another one of my experiments, where I’m sharing what goes on behind the scenes. Since most of my readers are entrepreneurs, I thought this could be helpful. What do you think? Would you like me to share more of what’s going on behind the scenes? Tell me in the comments.

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