The 4 Step Follow Through Formula for Tough Goals and Resolutions

“Hey mom, I’ve got it all figured out this semester. I’ve got a system and will make sure I stick to all of the work.”

My mom was on the other end of the line, growing more and more impatient with my college exuberance.

“I’m excited for you, but you’ve said this a million times before and it never worked. What makes this time so different?”


I was a junior at UPenn, and my procrastination and desire to do everything fun under the sun left me too little time to be competitive with my fellow Ivy League overachievers.

I still got good grades – just never as good as they could have been had I just “applied myself.” This pattern repeated across everything I did.

That semester, I finally broke the pattern of procrastination (not for good – I had, and still have, a lot more work ahead) and got to see my mom beam over the Dean’s List notification letter.

I can thank my mom’s question for that result. I may have burst into tears after I hung up the phone that night, but it shook me into asking myself some vital questions that helped me stick to my plan and achieve my goals.

This is a very powerful exercise, and you absolutely need it if you’re trying to achieve a goal you’ve failed at in the past. Especially if it’s an emotional one, like working out, losing weight, or getting the results and recognition you crave.

It’s quick – but not comfortable. It will put you face to face with uncomfortable feelings and force you to take action. That’s also why it works so well! [Read more…]

How to stop procrastinating

How often do you procrastinate?

Do you feel like you don’t know where your time is going at the end of the day? Do you always feel like you’re trying your best to get stuff done, but it just isn’t getting done?

Does Facebook eat up more time than it should? (aka, more than your work… let’s be honest here, Facebook is allowed to take up an equal amount of time than your work… right? Right?)

Are you stressed out about your work so much so that you never get around to doing it, and then stress out over not doing it as well?

Guess what… SO DO I!

Not just sometimes… all the time.

I’ve been struggling with procrastination for my entire life. Growing up with computers and Internet at my fingertips always provided something more exciting do to than what I had to do. And it was right there!

Repeat after me: A-D-D. Thankfully not diagnosed. After all, I had fun being distracted, and it taught me some valuable lessons. In the end, I managed to learn to leverage the parts of it that serve me and control the parts that don’t.

In this week’s coffee chat, I’m going to teach you some of the lessons I learned when I finally decided to get out of lazy bum procrastinator mode and get to work.

Now get to work!

But before you do that, tell me…

What tools do you use to kick procrastination to the curb and get stuff done?