Step by Step: How to Stay on Your Game When Your Day Goes Off Track

How to stay on your game when your day goes off trackYou’re halfway through the day and nothing has gone as planned.

You had it all mapped out – when to do what. You were going to get it all done. You even gave yourself meals and left room for evening reading!

What next?

This depends on whether you have a deadline. If you do, you will blow right through your self-care time and scheduled bedtime and straight into all-nighter-land. Or at least late-night-land. Which makes us very, very cranky. (Please tell me it’s not just me!)

If you don’t have a deadline, you may be tempted to take the rest of the day off, giving up on your plan altogether. There are plenty of emergencies to keep you busy.

In all likelihood you will fall into the bottomless Facebook/Pinterest/Instagram pit and emerge out of there at the end of the day, covered in guilt because you eventually gave up on the emergencies but forgot to tell yourself to go take a real break.

But what if you want to avoid the dark pit of procrastination?

First off, there is no saving grace for the overstuffed schedule – it’s doomed to make you feel as overwhelmed as ever.

But even if you did try to reasonably divide your time and anticipate interruptions, it’s pretty impossible to be exact even with the best intentions.

Some days will go right as planned. Others will derail to a state of flow where getting shit done becomes your middle name (how do you know the G in my name doesn’t stand for that? Hehe)

And then there are those where half the day just seems to get sucked into Facebookville or someone else’s burning problem.

Let’s strip it back to the basics!

Ask yourself the following questions: [Read more…]

CGP 1: Halley Gray on getting booked out and overcoming failure

9-9-14 cgp1 halley gray

I have a biiiiiig announcement to make.

Today is the birthday of the Creative Grasshopper Podcast!

I love talking with other entrepreneurs and hearing all that they have to share about how they run their business in an authentic way and manage their time in a flexible way that allows them to stay creative and spontaneous.

And I’ve had so many moments when I just wanted to share everything I learned with my readers!

Well, it’s tough for me to write it all out, and, although I will continue my authentic entrepreneur spotlights, I thought I’d get you the wisdom straight from “the horse’s mouth” 😉

Hence, the creative grasshopper podcast: a place for creative grasshoppers to learn from passionate and successful entrepreneurs how they run their business in an authentic way, what their stumbles were and how they learned from them, and how they deal with the massive amount of time (and work) in front of them on a daily basis. [Read more…]