Set yourself up for success in 2015

You can’t remember the last time you completed a project with ease, feeling proud for giving it your all and having done an amazing job – without deep dark circles under your eyes.

You know that you are capable of so much more, but every time you try to level up your game you end up burning the midnight oil to get it done. The result is never as good as it could be, and you vow to next time do it right.

This is for you if:
  • you feel overwhelmed and want to narrow down your focus to what really matters to you
  • you wish you had more time to spend on the things that really matter to you or drive your business success
  • you feel stuck in a rut and want to bring your business and well-being to the next level
  • you are willing to shift your mindset and stop giving over the reigns to your inner critic (or distractions)
  • you spend your days being/feeling super busy but not getting anything (important) done
  • you often remember something that needed to get done yesterday and freak out over not having enough time, rush through it, then feel guilty about not doing it sooner and better organized
You want to:
  • have clear goals that inspire and motivate you
  • get into a daily rhythm that keeps you well-rested, happy, and doing your very best work
  • follow through with your goals consistently, making solid progress without always having to battle procrastination
  • finish your day early, amazed at how much you got done and ready to sink into a hot, steamy bubble bath with some vino on the side

Introducing the Success Ninja Circle – a 6-month group coaching program designed to help you crush your goals with balance and ease. (Limited to 5 people!)


What’s included:
  • 12x hour-long group coaching calls twice a month where you can work through your toughest obstacles with guidance and insight from me and the other circle members (the calls will be recorded so you’ll have lifetime access to them!)
  • an initial private 2-hour call with me to map out your goals, create your unique flexible schedule, and put in place the systems and rituals you need to work at your best
  • a Facebook group to ask questions, solve crises, and connect over wins with daily accountability and support from me and your fellow circle members
  • two more private 1-hour calls:
    • midway through – to figure out what’s working and what isn’t, look at the past 3 months and create a solid plan to finish strong
    • at the end of the 6 months – to celebrate your wins, go over the lessons and opportunities that have come up, and set up a solid strategy for you going forward
  • private e-mail access to me throughout the 6 months


What your new life will look like:
  • you wake up feeling great and enjoy your energizing morning routine in your clean, clutter-free home
  • you create with ease and overcome any creative obstacles with the mindset shifts and work rituals you’ve set up
  • you have a solid system of priorities to filter tasks through, so you never have tasks floating around in your mind taking up your precious brain matter and energy
  • you work for only 5 hours a day and get twice as much done with double the (guilt-free) time to spend traveling, going out, and reading to your heart’s content
  • you go through your social media ritual without getting sucked into the bottomless pit of comparison and cute videos
  • you have a no-bullshit close-knit support circle of entrepreneurs to mastermind and strategize with


You could spend the next 6 months figuring out what systems to put in place, putting them in place on your own, rolling with the punches and tweaking as you go. Or you could set them up right away, with the right guidance, tools, and support, and reap the rewards along with 4 other amazing entrepreneurs who grow right alongside you.

No overwhelm. No stress. All the love, support, and encouragement you need.

Why would you struggle on your own when you can thrive with the right tools and support?


Your investment: $2000 $1397

(introductory pricing for this round only; payment plans available)

Starts January 26th!

Application ends January 23rd.



Fill out the form below to apply and we’ll hop on a brief 15-minute call to make sure we’re right for each other (and the Success Ninja Circle is right for you)!