The secret to love, friendship, and success

People act selfishly.

It’s a big lesson and one that can bring you a lot of freedom when you finally understand it.

What you think people do TO you is probably not their intention at all. They’re just going after what feels good and avoiding what doesn’t, or what brings them fear and pain.

The secret to love, friendship, and success is simple.

You can have all you want as long as you help enough other people get what they want. - Zig ZiglarHelp others get what they want.

What do people want?

They want you to help them get where they want, or connect them with someone who can.

They want you to make them laugh.

They want you to show them love, acceptance, appreciation, respect.

It all boils down to emotions.

People want to feel good. They want to feel loved. They want to feel needed.

When you make someone feel like they belong, like they are more than they think they are (which, let’s face it, is true for all of us – we all think we’re worth a lot less than we really are) – you have created a connection that’s very hard to break.

If you want to be successful in business, love, friendship, ANYTHING…

Show you care.

Think of the OTHER person.

Forget yourself for just a second.

Put yourself aside and put a neat little bow on your cute self and your own interests. Instead, worry about THEM.

How can you help them feel the way they need to feel?

How can you help them get to where they need to get?

Forgive. Apologize. Listen.

Stretch your mind to accommodate their vision. Stretch your definition of self to understand what they mean when they say you do X and Y and Z and that is upsetting them.

Would you rather be right/have your way/get what you want right away or would you rather make someone else happy so you can get what you want multiplied by 1000 later?

Merry Christmas! Lots of love, hugs, and kisses from the wacky corner of the universe that is my world to you and yours.
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  1. Hi Laura
    So true. It can be difficult to put into practice all the time.
    I have had people working for me who were plotting to ensure that my business did not succeed so they could buy it off cheaply. I found this out years later.
    I still agree with you and maybe just be cautious that who you help is not going to cause you to lose out.
    Best wishes for the new year

    • Wow, things like that make me shudder. But I still believe that, by putting out the right energy, you will get back what you put out. Even if it happens in time and from a different source.

  2. I can really feel the lived wisdom in this post. Thanks for sharing. Love your sweet, grounded energy!

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