Make an impact doing work you love with Rebecca Beaton

I’m switching things up today and letting someone else share wisdom and advice. I’m very excited to introduce you to my friend Rebecca Beaton!

I first met Rebecca last year and we connected immediately over our mutual passion for helping people live out their purpose. I agreed to help her run the Impact Posse group, and the rest is history.

When she recently told me how much she has learned about failure and how important it is on the way to success, I thought that was a perfect topic for you success ninjas, so I asked her “out” for an interview 😉

Here’s what you’ll learn in this interview:

  • The most important skill you need to have as a brand-new entrepreneur
  • The mindset shift that can help you keep getting back up despite any obstacles you encounter on your way
  • The biggest way people who are stuck in their jobs self-sabotage and keep themselves stuck instead of helping themselves move forward
  • How to enjoy what you do now and still keep yourself motivated to make progress on your dreams
  • The job title you don’t want (but many of us have)
  • What to ask yourself if you feel like you’re going nowhere and are not sure whether you’ll find success or happiness along the way

Click HERE to download the transcript.

Visit Rebecca at

Rebecca is holding a FREE webinar today on “3 Steps to Doing Work You Love.” No worries if you can’t make it – she’ll send out a recording to everyone who’s registered, so go sign up for it HERE.

Yes, I know the quality of video and audio on my end is crappy, and I did a poor job chopping the video in the beginning and in the end. In my next post I’m going to apply the success ninja techniques from my free training video to this interview to look at how I can improve in the future. With an authentic case study, you have no excuses to not apply the system yourself as well 🙂

In the comments, tell me: What is your definition of success?

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