What my puppy taught me about marketing (Holiday Special)

It’s almost Christmas! Yippee!!

So much has changed for me this year – we moved across the country, adopted a completely new lifestyle (a lot more time spent outdoors!), and have learned so much about marketing, sales, and running my businesses in general.

Most of all though, I’ve learned the value of respect – respecting myself, my time, my work, and everyone else I come in contact with.

Many people practice slightly scammy marketing – the kind where you feel pushed and prodded, like a wallet with a face.

I don’t. But marketing authentically doesn’t mean that you give caution to the wind and ignore the basic principles of supply and demand.

That’s why last week as I was recording a fun moment with my puppy I realized – you can totally practice marketing with your dog (or cat)!

Click play to see what I mean – and watch until the end for some funny bloopers!

Hope you got a good giggle out of that 😉

Now that we’re all smiling, here are 11 holiday wishes I have for you:

  1. A moment looking at your Christmas tree feeling like a child again
  2. Sinfully delicious cookies, savored slowly and fully
  3. A day off to read, relax, and do only what makes your heart sing (your present to you?)
  4. Some time to plan for 2015 (I’ll be sharing my plan next week!)
  5. The patience and peace in your heart to listen to and fully accept everyone you see over the Holidays, without letting your feelings get hurt
  6. Deep questions and even deeper discoveries about your extraordinary life
  7. Profound gratitude and a permanent smile of contentment on your face
  8. Boundless love and generosity (the kind that come from a full heart)
  9. A moment spent admiring the sky full of stars (bonus points if it’s snowing!)
  10. The undeniable feeling of being connected – with God, yourself, and everyone else
  11. The best presents and surprises!

Much love,

What do you wish for yourself this holiday season?

P.S: Can you believe she’s only 3.5 months old?

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