No Goals workshop

How would you like to make your dreams come true…

… while breaking all the rules of goal-setting?

I invite you to learn how you can create lasting change in your life naturally, from within. In a way that feels right.

Wouldn’t you like to stop feeling the disappointment that comes with failed goals? Or to stop requiring crazy amounts of willpower just in order to get your exercise in every day?

Don’t you want to make money in a way that feels good, and without rigid time management practices that leave you drained at the end of the day?

What you will learn in the Authentic Change workshop:

  • how setting goals and resolutions is like setting yourself up for failure every time
  • the skills you need to remove the resistance standing in the way of your progress from the very beginning
  • how to shift your core beliefs, the foundation that directs how you think, feel, and act, so that the changes you want come naturally
  • why “having poor time management skills” is a total lie, and what you’re REALLY lacking
  • a complete framework for total transformation from the inside out
  • a workbook to guide you through the process
  • …and much more.


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