Fulfill your potential

Everything that happens to you is exactly what you need at that moment.

Everything that comes up in life is an opportunity. Most importantly, it is the RIGHT opportunity for you at that moment in time.

Post 8 4-21-2013We are built to grow, to expand, and to allow ourselves to reach new heights of consciousness. We are made to love, trust, and believe. We are created to shine our light into this world and to live out loud.

Every experience you go through is a lesson. Every opportunity is a lesson. Every unfortunate event is a lesson. It can be a lesson in gratitude, a lesson in love, or maybe a lesson in responsibility.

By this, I don’t mean a lesson that will teach you “what you’re doing wrong” and make you regret what you’ve done or failed to do.

No, by this I mean a lesson that will allow you to grow.

Every experience is an opportunity for growth.

At any moment in time, you have two choices: to be comfortable or uncomfortable.

To be comfortable, just keep doing what you’ve been doing. Keep being average. Stay jealous. Remain a victim. Don’t do anything about it, either. You wouldn’t want to feel the pain of failure.

Unfortunately, life brings us pain no matter what. Whether you choose to be comfortable or not, it brings you the experiences that you need to grow.

What do you think will really help you grow?

That’s right, pain.

If you choose to stay comfortable year after year, life will just put you in the same circumstances over and over again – one more painful than another.

What’s the alternative?

Well, you can choose to be uncomfortable. You can say “to hell with mediocrity” and choose to dig deeper within yourself and follow your intuition and inner voice of wisdom. You can choose to work with the opportunities life brings you to grow and transform and expand rather than ignoring them and stagnating as an unhappy, mediocre, jealous couch potato.

You can keep waiting for “one day”, and being comfortable in the meantime, or you can choose to be uncomfortable now and see your life transform as you grow into the person you’re meant to be.

When you choose mediocrity and comfort, you waste precious time from your life. The more uncomfortable you are, the more you push yourself to question everything, the more you expand.

Want to reach your full potential? Want to find out just how high you can reach? Be uncomfortable. Screw mediocrity. Screw doubts and doubtfuls all around. Screw expectations. Question everything. Push yourself. Every day, know yourself a little better. Every day, love a little more. Love everyone around. Love yourself. And you will soar.

Here’s something else you need to do:

Go where your resistance takes you.

Having trouble with something? Do you always get stuck in bad relationships? Can you never focus enough to take something from beginning to end? Do you keep stumbling into this part of you that you just can’t stand?

Go there.

I’m serious.

Having trouble losing weight? Have you tried for your entire life, but you just can’t make it happen? Focus on that. Drill deep down. Why do you want to lose this weight? What’s stopping you? How is being overweight serving you right now? Is this your reality and self-mindset?

Do you keep dating useless pieces of junk? Work on that. How much do you really love yourself? How much do you think you’re worth? How is being in these relationships serving your current sense of self and beliefs about reality?

Just can’t focus? Make that your priority. Take a mindfulness course. Meditate. Understand why you’re having trouble with it, and how to either master and embrace it, or overcome it.

Where you’re most stuck, that’s where your biggest opportunity lies.

If you keep falling while trying to climb over this wall, and yet life just keeps putting it in front of you, then take that message: this is your biggest growth lesson. Make it your purpose for the next few months or years to learn it. Get a coach, read every book you can get your hands on, and be with yourself a lot.

When you finally pick that lock and open the treasure chest of this growth lesson, you will discover a miraculous key that will help you unlock so many doors to success.

That is your Link to Yourself.

Every single lesson life brings, every wall it builds in your path, is a doorway to knowing yourself better, being more in tune with your intuition, following your inner wisdom, and expanding to use your full potential.

You don’t need external validation. You don’t need outside incentives. You don’t need to focus on things that seem so boring, you’d rather jump in a deep well than do this for your entire life.

All you need to do is be true to yourself. Listen to the voice of your inner wisdom. Follow your excitement, even if it feels uncomfortable. Go where your intuition leads you.

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  1. You’re right, pain does help us grow!

    I have this tattoo on the back of my neck that I got in my early twenties. It was a break-up tattoo, after being strung along for five years by a man that I thought I was madly in love with.

    I finally reached the point where I knew I had to walk away from him, and I did. I got in my car, and cried and cried and cried. Then I drove to a tattoo parlor, walked in, and said, “I want a tattoo that is a symbol for pain.”

    One of the guys in there had a Chinese/English dictionary in his car, and he went and grabbed it. He flipped to, “pain,” and the first entry said, “Pain/To Love.”

    I said, “Yes, yes, yes!!!” That was the tattoo I wanted, and so I got it.

    And it’s a reminder that that most wonderful thing, love, is painful. For a reason. Because pain is what helps us grow. And love, even at it’s most absolutely blissful, is painful! I’ve loved so much that it physically hurt! And that love/pain has helped me to grow!

    I love how you opened this post, “Everything that happens to you is exactly what you need at that moment.”

    I’ve always said that, “Everything happens for a reason,” and I strongly believe that.

    Right now, my whole life is in turmoil. A lot of HUGE changes have been going on. But for the first time in my life, I’m ready to see how that turmoil can be harnessed to make myself into the woman I am meant to be and to create the life I am meant to live!

    • Gwynne, thank you for sharing your story. How amazing! Your tattoo sounds so inspiring. I completely agree, love is not all butterflies, it’s painful because in order to truly love we have to let go of our ego, and that is always painful. Loving means stepping out of ourselves, and at the same time seeing ourselves with an understanding that is less affected by the ego.

      I’m so glad this resonates with you. And I’m so glad that you’re taking all of these experiences and realizations you’ve had, and the great life philosophy you have, and using them to boldly create your life. Life should be lived on your own terms!

      Wishing you the best of luck in your journey, and thank you so much for stopping by! Looking forward to chatting with you some more in the future 🙂

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