Focus Anchor: The Custom Made Flexible + Intuitive Schedule That Keeps You Focused

You have a million ideas collecting dust while you flit helplessly from one urgent task to another, and when it does come time to sit down and work, you don’t even know where to start.


You want results. And you’re tired of procrastinating your way out of them.


Enter your solution:

Focus Anchor is a two-week coaching program that jumpstarts your productivity and keeps you focused through a flexible daily schedule rooted in your natural creative and productive rhythms.


Warning! You may experience the following side effects:

  • Publishing a book entirely out of ideas that came to you in the shower (because you now have a system for catching and building on them daily)
  • Spending several hours of guilt-free quality time with your man or girlfriends every day (because all those projects you used to procrastinate on are no longer hanging over your head)
  • Getting your posts accepted by bigger websites(increased efficiency and clarity – you do your best work when your laser focus meter is highest and take breaks when your brain most needs it)
  • You raise your rates and new clients continue to come (because now you finally have the energy and focus to set up the right marketing systems)


Caitlin AriahI came to Laura when I was just about ready to give up on my book and my business. I was spending over 60 hours a week trying to get both off the ground, but spinning my wheels getting nowhere. After the first session with her my whole life and business did a complete turnaround in a matter of days. Within a week, I had written 32 more pages for my book!

Caitlin Ariah, the Holistic Heroine


Here’s how it’s going to go down:

  1. You track what you do every moment of every day for an entire week.
  2. You send me your time log and fill out a worksheet about your habits, planning system, and goals.
  3. We meet for 2 hours and break everything down. Together we identify common patterns in your creativity and focus rhythms and come up with a daily task block system that will serve as an anchor for you and help you be much more focused and productive.
  4. You start the very next day, and keep tweaking and adjusting the anchor system as you go, with me only an e-mail away whenever you have any questions.
  5. In 2 weeks we meet for another hour and put the finishing touches on your focus anchor system (and by then you will already be well on your way.)


How’s this going to make a difference for me?


You are a creative dreamer with a million and one ideas, but you struggle staying focused and following through with what you start. You’re tired of being in never-done limbo.

That’s why you need a schedule custom made for you. Something you can take and run with. Something intuitive, flexible, and distraction or emergency-proof.

You can either spend months figuring out your own version of it (or longer, like I did), or you can have a complete schedule in a week.
Then you can finally stop wasting time trying to figure out how to be productive and start putting time into showcasing your gifts to the world.

That book ain’t gonna publish itself, and Oprah needs you to stay focused so you can finally grace her stage.

Your one-time investment: $349

10 7 spots remaining this month

Send me an e-mail at laura[at]lauragjones[dot]com after making the purchase and let me know when you’d like to start.

(Psst! That’s also where you can ask me any questions you have or schedule a quick chat to see if we’re a good fit.)