How disconnected are you?

We think we’re connected. We think that, just because we have access to 500 friends on Facebook, we are connected to them.

But we’re not.

When you feel unhappy, stuck, like something’s just missing – you’re disconnected. You’re disconnected from yourself, and disconnected from others.

Liking someone’s cute baby pictures on Facebook does not mean being connected to them, no matter how much it may superficially feel that way.

Puttering around in the same kitchen at work as someone else does not mean that you are connected with them. Neither does making small talk mean that.


10-3-13 connectionYou are connected when you look someone in the eye with a big smile and mentally wish them well with all the loving energy you have.

You are connected when you help a mother unload her groceries into the car when her baby is screaming his head off in the cart.

You are connected when you love and forgive someone despite all the hurt they have inflicted on you.

You are even more connected when you realize how much you have grown from the pain experience and mentally thank them for it.

You are connected when you reject plain, senseless small-talk and instead tell the person next to you what you like and appreciate about them.

You are connected when you simply listen to someone telling you about the bad day they had with all of your attention and genuinely wish them the best rest of the day they’ve ever had (and don’t think of the shitty day you had yourself).

You are connected when you look around and don’t just see the people around you – but really see them. You notice their beauty, their fatigue, their quirks. And you send them love.

You are connected when you stop thinking about where you are in relationship to others and allow yourself to just be. Only from that point of fearless authenticity can you truly connect with others.

When you are disconnected, you know it, because you feel small. You feel like “this” is all there is to you. There is a certain restlessness in you.

When you are connected, everything is magical. You are not just you – you are energy. You are love. And you feel at peace and content. You really feel like nothing can hurt you (because, when you’re in that place, nothing will.)

When you are connected, you are living  your truth. When you are disconnected, you are letting your ego take over.

Staying connected to yourself and others is your choice and your responsibility. So today I challenge you to connect – to lay fear, doubt, and self-judgment aside and just be… be you, be connected, be pure love.

What does connected feel like to you?

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  1. Hi Laura
    Another inspiring post from you.
    When you are connected you are open, alive and giving. You are not self-centred. You are happy when you help others become happy.
    How does one achieve connection all the time? We are spiritual beings and are all connected with each other. The spirit that is within me is within each one of us.
    Sending you my love and energy to you.
    Be connected.

    • Raj, you are so wise! I love this. It’s tough to stay connected all the time. And the ego is constantly working to pull you into its petty, selfish ways. But you don’t have to work for the ego, you can make the ego work for you. In kindness, love, and connection. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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