CGP 1: Halley Gray on getting booked out and overcoming failure

9-9-14 cgp1 halley gray

I have a biiiiiig announcement to make.

Today is the birthday of the Creative Grasshopper Podcast!

I love talking with other entrepreneurs and hearing all that they have to share about how they run their business in an authentic way and manage their time in a flexible way that allows them to stay creative and spontaneous.

And I’ve had so many moments when I just wanted to share everything I learned with my readers!

Well, it’s tough for me to write it all out, and, although I will continue my authentic entrepreneur spotlights, I thought I’d get you the wisdom straight from “the horse’s mouth” 😉

Hence, the creative grasshopper podcast: a place for creative grasshoppers to learn from passionate and successful entrepreneurs how they run their business in an authentic way, what their stumbles were and how they learned from them, and how they deal with the massive amount of time (and work) in front of them on a daily basis.

For the first episode, I brought my dear friend Halley Gray who is now booked out 6 months in advance and teaches others how to do the same.

Side note: Isn’t that awesome? Join me in giving Halley a giant hug for what she’s accomplished (after only a single year in business!)

Halley is a brilliant entrepreneur and awesome person to boot. Her view on marketing and business is entirely refreshing. I know you’ll love it.

Here’s what Halley shares in today’s episode:

  • the first step to getting booked out that you’re probably not taking
  • how refunds can lead to raving fans
  • the trick to being successful without giving up your grasshopper-ness
  • Halley’s 3-step scientific strategy for learning from failure
  • what place emotions have in the success of your business
  • how Halley organizes herself to minimize procrastination (& a typical day in her life)
  • Halley’s intuitive launch strategy

Get more of Halley:

What’s your biggest takeaway from this episode?

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  1. Oh, Hailey is just the best!
    Had to stop what I was listening to to catch up with this.
    Thank you!

  2. I love this, especially the quote above. Business should be personal and it should involve working with people you actually like!
    Thanks for sharing.

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