Cheat your way to a smartphone-free life

Excerpt from an infographic from Huffington Post Click on image to see the whole infographic

Excerpt from an infographic from Huffington Post

I received the following e-mail from Rodrigo who read my post on The Change Blog on why I ditched my smartphone:

Hello Laura. I’ve just read about your experience with ditching your smartphone and I confess I’ve been struggling with if for a couple years since I started reading about mindfulness and minimalism. I’d like to ask if you’re still running smartphone-free and how is life going that way. What about the downsides you occasionally went from? Any more suggestion you could make for me to try it harder next time? Thanks!

The answer I wrote ended up being super long, and we both agreed it read somewhat like a blog post. So I’m going to share it here (with minor edits) so it can be helpful to others who are also feeling addicted to their smartphone and dare to want to ditch it.

Cheat to succeed

I’m still happily smartphone free, however I have to admit to a few cheats: [Read more…]

Eliminate negative emotions from your life

I am a student of life.

There is something to learn in everything that happens to me. Sometimes it’s a lesson in gratitude and joy; other times in humility and introspection. As the roller coaster goes up and down, I try to stay on my toes and be receptive to the lessons hidden behind every moment.

Last week, life delivered another lesson.┬áSomeone said something that upset me. I tried to shake it off and be zen, but it didn’t work. It stayed with me. Like a mosquito bite, I kept wanting to itch it, but I didn’t want to engage in negativity. I wanted to just let it go.

Well, as it turns out, there is one step you always need to take in the process of letting go. Press play on the video below to learn all about what it is and how to use it.

This was the perfect lesson because I realized I was missing an important step in the process of letting go. The beauty of this is that, had I not let my ego take over and prevent me from allowing myself to feel these negative emotions, I would have never discovered just how important this exercise really is.

I can’t think of anything more human than simply allowing yourself to feel the emotions that come over you. It’s also the best self-discovery handbook you can have.

So, next time you’re feeling sad, angry, or upset, allow yourself to feel it. Punch a pillow, cry, or write it out. Once you exhaust the feeling, you will find there is nothing there but forgiveness and a fresh start.

Now it’s your turn… how do you let go of negative emotions?