My theme for 2014 (+ my theme-discovery process)

I’ve been pondering my theme for 2014 for a while.

My first thought was “courage”. But that didn’t sound just right. Too cliche.

1-2-14 truthThen I thought of “surrender”. Hmm, closer. But still not right.

I didn’t want it to be a word I just so happened to choose. I wanted it to be intuitive. Holistic. Resonate deep within my being.

This is a word I will carry with me through the year. My mantra to help me dive deeper into the changes I’ve chosen to make in my life.

So I took a piece of paper, and started writing down…

1. What are the thoughts, attitudes, etc. that are no longer serving me or are holding me back?

I used my intuition as my guide here. What brought me an “icky” feeling? What do I wish I didn’t hold on to?

And the thoughts started pouring out… but one in particular struck a very deep chord.

People don’t like me for who I am. I have to wear a mask in order to be liked.

It all made so much sense. Why I procrastinate when I want to do self-care practices. Why I fight off who I really am and try to be someone I’m not… in real life, out here on Link to Yourself, with my husband.

Why I always wear a strong armor (beyond my scorpio nature).

2. What do I really want?

Like, deep, deep down inside.

What is my soul’s deepest desire? The one that hurts to even look at?

To just be me. In my truth. 

I thought I was comfortable in my own skin. And, the truth is, I’ve made a ton of progress in that respect. But the wounds run deep, and take a lot of time and shadow work to heal.

I want to let go of all the shame I hold on to. The shame that I carry with me every day. That reflex to push any expression of my true self deep, deep down, and create a “more acceptable” me.

No matter what the past has brought to me, it is GONE.

Now is all that is. 

3. What do I forgive?

This is an important part of the process; Forgiveness is the release of the unwanted energy you’re holding on to.

I forgive all of the people who gave me the belief that who I am is not good enough. They didn’t know any better. They were reacting from their own shame and pain.

I forgive myself for having stolen those beliefs and made them mine. They do not belong to me and I am ready to release them now.

I forgive myself for repeatedly shaming myself to gain what I thought was more important: other people’s acceptance and approval.

I forgive myself for putting on a mask and misrepresenting myself. My inner light is better than anything my ego could create, and I am now opening the door for it to shine.

I forgive myself for thinking that others know best… how to live my life, how to spend my time, how to run my website and my business.

4. What do I promise myself?

I will not hide my light anymore. It’s the purest expression of my soul. I now understand that other people’s rejection of me was, in part, due to me projecting my own pain and asking them to fix it and, in part, a reflection of their own pain in response to mine.

I will honor my instincts and feelings as they relate to everything: from how to spend every moment of my day, to what to eat, to how to take care of myself, and how to run my website and business.

I will take down my armor. Light doesn’t need protection because the darkness of ego is no match for it.

I will overcome shame and fear with love.

I will honor other people’s inner sun with my own. Judgment has its source in the darkness of pain. I will not allow darkness to intrude on the light my inner sun is shining.

I will trust in my purpose, my journey, and my gifts. Everything is happening exactly as it should.

For me, 2014 will be a year of truth.

The truth of who I really am. Who I was placed on this earth to be.

The truth of what is really happening in this moment, as opposed to what my ego thinks is happening.

In 2014, I commit to taking my truth out of hiding and allowing it to shine.

How liberating that is!

No more masks. No more armor. No more things done just because this is what “people will like.”

Just ME.

Now I’m ready to start my year!

What’s your word for 2014?

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  1. Hi Laura
    What a wonderful word you have chosen for 2014.
    My word is to follow my heart and serve.
    Let your truth shine.


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