Hey there! I’m Laura

Laura G. JonesI'm a creative grasshopper. I am passionate about many different things, and, if left to my own devices, I would flit from task to task, starting to work on a million different brilliant ideas... and leaving most unfinished when the going gets hard.

Over more than ten years, I learned how to manage my confidence, motivation, time, and mental and emotional resources in order to be able to stay on track with the projects I start, know which projects to start working on, and not sacrifice my creativity or my multipassionate nature.

Now I help other creative grasshoppers, passionate entrepreneurs who struggle with staying focused and finishing everything they start.

My fun, creative, intuitive mindset shifts and habit systems can help you find laser focus and productivity, gain clarity over big decisions that hang over your head, take decisive action without constantly backpedaling, and confidently create the multipassionate life and business of your dreams.

Have a piece of my mind.

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